I've lived in Clinton County my whole life.  I grew up on a farm with my mother and two sisters, married my first love and have been raising two amazing kids ever since.  I graduated from Wilmington High School, attended Wright State University and I'm proud to say that Clinton County is, has, and will always be my home.

I've been the Owner of Generations Pizzeria for over 23 years and have served as your Commissioner since 2012.  These two jobs have allowed me to create jobs,  manage budgets, and protect and promote the community 24/7/365.  My proven track record of making decisions in the Commissioners office, on behalf of the citizens of Clinton County, is unmatched.  

The Commissioners perform a vital community service and they must possess extensive business experience, leadership skills to bring others to the table and an enduring willingness to serve the public interest of a diverse community.   Having demonstrated these qualities as your commissioner that's why I remain the ONLY candidate with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD working with you and for you. 

It is my duty, as your Commissioner, to protect and promote the interests of the citizens. We need someone with extensive economic development and fiscal responsibility.  We need someone with the leadership qualities that can build consensus and has the desire to serve faithfully in all aspects of the office. We need to ensure that the IDEA of “Business as Usual” is the only thing going “Out of Business”.  

I humbly ask for your continued support and your vote on MARCH 15th so that we will continue to see a brighter future.

Thank you,

Kerry Steed, Clinton County Commissioner